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  1. Deb Carmichael

    Your first day of this trek was one of our topics of discussion at our roof dept. meeting yesterday. We all gathered around, held hands, and said a few prayers for both of you (REALLY – Do you actually think we did that?). In all honestly though, we did question your common sense and wondered if you would call it a day and head back home. But so glad to hear that you made it through into warmer weather. Would not have wanted to be on that ride! You need a lot of willpower to keep going – great job! The best is yet to come!


  2. vstrom-explorers

    Several people said ‘you’re brave’. Why deny this vehemently! Crazy? That’s more like it! Leaving Helena this AM, heading towards Salt Lake, just like Rosa 😳


  3. Marie

    Crazy indeed! The good kind.
    It’s great following your adventure here, so thank you for sharing.
    I’m happy to know that you’ve passed the snow safely.
    Wishing you and Tony well for the next part of your journey (Journey…”don’t stop believin’…”…now do you have the song stuck in your head? You’re welcome).


  4. vstrom-explorers

    Journey is on our long list of traveling tunes, no question! But I’m still playing and re-playing Annie Lennox when I have tunes in my helmet. No chance of Journey replacing Annie with ear worms!


  5. Deb Carmichael

    The tree with the shoes on it??? Does it smell like stinky feet around there? Did you feel an urge or are you still wearing your riding boots? Too funny! Beautiful scenery! Wish we were there!


  6. Sarah G.

    Glad you are in a warmer climate. And have had some adventures already.
    Looks like copper canyon is a beautiful place to visit.
    Will continue to follow you. Enjoy



  7. Cynthia

    I always follow along with your blog on one screen and google maps on the other. Crisscrossing all over Mexico seems amazing, especially the daily update on food quality and cerveza access. Thought of you yesterday as we hosted the 2nd Ronald O Ball Lectureship. Everyone seemed quite happy and the turnout was fantastic (almost 300 people), loads of media coverage and a great diversity. Questions from the crowd came from business, education, law, philosophy, cell biology and, of course, agriculture. I think you would have been pleased! Missing you but we’ll get over it. The weather improved dramatically after you left. Coincidence? It’s been ~15 degrees each day and is only just now threatening to cool off to around 10. We’ll take it while we can.

    Enjoy the gulf coast!


  8. Rodger Hughes

    Hi Katherine. I just checked out your blog for the first time…what an amazing trip and an interesting story that you have to tell. I will definitely be checking in more often. All the best.


  9. Deb Carmichael

    Been following your trip faithfully every step of the way so I can “report” to all your fellow contractors Tony (and anyone else in the office that missed some of your blogs). Checking your blogs every morning have become a bit addictive for me. The experiences you both have been through are absolutely amazing and I have to say that you both have a lot of guts! It is like a book that I cannot put down!! You will find your simple life working in the roofing department will seem pretty boring when you get back compared to the adventurous life you are leading right now. With Christmas around the corner, we have had a few of the roofing contractors stop by and question “When in the world is Tony coming back??” I usually just respond “Maybe he WON’T be!! He is having some pretty awesome adventures.” Keep posting – it gives me something to look forward to every couple of days! Drive careful and enjoy every moment!


  10. Deb Carmichael

    Wow! Paragliding photos are fantastic! This photo was circulated to entire roofing team with caption “Fearless Leader”! You are going to find life quite boring when you return to the “real world”. Have fun while you can! Looking forward to having you back later this month.


  11. David Cory Buehler

    I have so enjoyed following your adventures; sad that it is coming to the end! Safe travels home and hopefully Kim and I will see you soon!


    1. vstrom-explorers

      Thanks! We’re looking forward to being home while feeling a bit conflicted about our trip ending ‘already’! And it will be hard to leave Santiago’s +30s for Edmonton’s minus something’s. Hmmmmm. Perhaps a wee dram or two will be needed to help us adjust to wintery weather!


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