Bloggers we’re not

So much of what I read about WordPress is related to driving traffic to a blog. SEO, linking to other social media types, earning money by blogging. So this site is not at all typical. It will be much more personal and diary-like, somewhere we can share updates with family and friends (hopefully) easily without worrying about how many hits we might get from people we don’t know.

So if you found your way to this website without knowing who we are, well, don’t expect anything other than details about a couple of motorcyclists making their way to South America. Follow along if you’d like, but don’t expect us to link to twitter, facebook or instagram! That’s just not our way.

Our Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Although we have not actually begun our travels, we’ve spent a lot of time getting ready to leave. September 30 (or October 1) seem to be getting too close, too quickly! Hopefully while on the road to South America that days don’t feel as if they are racing past.

From Happiness is a Choice You Make by John Leland    “When you’re young you fulfill your dreams. I traveled. The world is so wonderful, so different. You should travel around the world and use your money for sightseeing.”   Ping Wong